Highway Star

Flanked by a brace

I mounted the steep-grade


Cruising speed, faster in some places

Perfect morning in somebody’s November summer

Took off to the Nile

Now I’m getting close to home

Beauteous sunset views

Foot of the first mountain

Night fell like a curtain

I’m surging into it

Into the night

Climbing, rocketing into the night

Fast-lane glory daddy

First mountain top, I see a glimpse of distant blue lightning

Down into the valley, around a lake, cross a river, maybe two…

I’m getting so close I can taste it

The air

The thick

American Nile

Thumping, rocking, spanking Nile

Ablaze with lightning

The valley of my soul

So down into it I must charge

Ain’  no stoppin’ me now Mister Hwy Star

Just as I was chasing a Mustang up the steep

We crested the mountain

Diverted by jagged, electric-blue

I look to my right — and then down

Down into The Basin

A horrific storm hovered over my splendid Vale

A tempest

Discharges of cobalt streaks

Raw, unbridled

I saw it from the top-down

Lightning flashed

And lit for two seconds

A vortex tearing through the valley

White light flashed again

Tornado churning

Violently claiming tree and man

We were above the clouds

Airplane perspective

But it’s a moonless night

So shed some light

On the ribbon of road as we race over the mountain

It was a strange deliverance into my Valley

Post-something eeriness

Drove past an 18-wheeler that looked like it was dropped from the sky

To swollen creeks and flash-flooding driveways

Home without incident

Garage door won’t open, hmmm…

There’s been a power-cut

Must have been the storm

Dark house, dark rooms, dark dark dark

Find a candle

Mr. Palmer is frantic to go out on the porch

I open the door to a sound

Like a freight train

And spoke a while to a kinsman before

Drifting off

Into the balm

Into the calm




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