Chemical Blue

[Click on the photos.]  On 8 December 2009 at exactly 10:30 pm, my cats came bolting into the house.  It is their rigid schedule to play in the garden at this time, being true to their nocturnal bent.  So I wonder what it meant.

Immediately my sprockets into spinning went.  Why?  Why didn’t they like the garden tonight?  Is something in the air offending them?  Something that irritates their eyes?  Something that around the clock above me flies? 

I charged out to the car and slid my finger across the windshield.  An oily residue.  A greasy film covered all the windows.  Tiny droplets of aerosol deposition from jets that spray all day.  Every day.  And all throughout the night.  Where is my cure for this?  My panacea to make it right?

Based on my sudden indoor cats, they must have put a new chemical in the mix today.  One the cats do not like.  So I stood there, waiting to catch a whiff of it.  And sure enough, keen and dope’less olfactory IFF sounded the alert.  It was a waft of unnatural.  Not quite an odour, but no perfume.  Just a chemical smell.  

I recalled how months ago I went out on the patio for only seconds and breathed in a caustic iodine.  It burned my eyes, throat and sinuses.  It burned my lungs and lingered in my senses after coming into the house.  It alarmed me.  So I phoned a military officer at the local base and quizzed him about it.  He denied having any knowledge of aircraft that were spraying chemicals over my house.  He was very calm and assuaging as though he had been briefed, trained and strictly prepared for several calls like mine.  He was a master of the company line.

Cut to new scene:  On or just before 15 December 2009, I hear jets and go out in the back garden at near noontide — look up.  And see nothing but blue sky.  An opaque blue.  Not a limpid blue.  Like the opaque back-drop at night is unlike clear space.  And the stars are clearly not.

So I looked into the sky and saw a “sky-blue” that seemed to whisper, “I am an illusion.”  Not really blue.  A chemical blue.  A veil masquerading as blue sky.  Another aerosol blanket covering the peninsula so we can’t see the jets above it — but we can sure hear them.  Back and forth they zig.  Flying a helix.

Just a few days ago I heard jets overhead in the garden again.  Looking up, I didn’t see them.  But I could hear them.  Calling to a friend, I pointed out the moon at mid-morning, cocked into the southwestern sky.  We watched as we heard the jets fly by —  but we couldn’t see them.  Yet we saw the moon propped against a pastel sky.  Unlike the jets, what was being offered for cislunar space, didn’t seem to fly.

This would explain why the CIA & Co., have posted worried narratives on the Internet — trying frantically to discredit anyone who reports such things.  What else can they do?  When even the sky isn’t true.

Try and copy-cat that, you little hack.


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