Pentagon Aliens

The Reviews

By  S. H. Pearson

PENTAGON ALIENS  (by the apparently fabricated William Lyne) is bait for audiences of Phil Schneider’s lectures and anyone curious about wingless drones.  In daylight, they look like dark, burnished bowling balls — flying through the air.  Get yourself a good binocular (10x magnification or better). 

To muddle the curious, this book seems like part of an elaborate disinformation campaign funded by the government and its corporate partners.  They do not want people to see these flying bowling balls and have broken a sweat writing bad fiction about flying saucers.  Chortle.

A more applicable title could be  Nazi’s Nazi’s Everywhere!   After having read this densely-printed, wearying loblolly, I feel like I just emerged from a labyrinth of lies.  Though it is larded with entertaining autobiographical bits, I found much of the book a sludge due to its exhaustive, multi-disciplinary overload.  This book is like a bone tossed into the woods to distract an eager pack of hounds from their original trail — one that presently has the government very nervous.

Somebody should have taught these writers that sometimes more is not better.  Verbose overkill detracts from the flow.  The technical writing is tiresome in its effort to appear genuine.  This pervaded the text ad nauseam.  On and on it trudged with convoluted ramblings of electrical and aeronautical engineering to make anyone’s head hurt — even an engineer’s who can easily see that this is baloney.  For non-engineers, it’s just an insult.

It  read like it was the work of a think-tank with one goal in mind:  take the reader down a dirt road and drop him off.  Make it a long, meandering road that disappears into the undergrowth of falsehood and just enough truth to engage the gullible.  It is curious to note how history is re-written to pour every criminal drop of  the universe into the Nazi-Fascist jackboot. 

Throughout the voluminous text there runs a vein of saucy pluck that keeps the reader wondering what happens to the poor guy next.  We must feel compassion for the author.  He has after all suffered hard and long at the hands of our crooked, Nazi-Fascist-Illuminist government.  The author is marked for death, put-upon, persecuted, raked over the coals in court rooms, poisoned and punished, harassed by the Feds, the locals, the FBI, CIA, NSA, ONI and the dreaded high-ranking “IllumiNazi’s” who are all out to get him.

According to this author, there is a CIA agent under every rock like a salamander.  They are slippery, covert, shadowy and on your six.  Honest, decent Americans and this corrupt government just don’t mix.  You have to believe this author because he’s knocking the government something fierce.  They have been mean to him.  Of course he has to be telling the truth.  Right?

You can’t win for losing.  There is no justice.  They will steal your intellectual property and funnel it to their corporate partners.  America is a slave state already.  The author toots his horn loudly about his  multi-faceted genius whose wings have been clipped by the U.S. Patent Office.  So his many inventions are on hold at the moment and boy are we missing out. 

This book is his revenge against the evil New World Order by exposing a “tip top secret” to the masses that has been kept under wraps by the government since the 1930’s.  Nikola Tesla’s invention was stolen of course by the Nazi’s who used it to build flying saucers.  Today’s man-made UFO’s are a manifestation of “to the victors belong the spoils.”  The book claims that after WWII the Nazi’s were offered asylum in America to develop flying saucers for our military-industrial complex.  The Gestapo was clandestinely absorbed by our Central Intelligence Agency and made it the haven of American virtue that it is today.

Anyone who reads half as much as I do will discern that more than one crook was at work in this kitchen.  For example, the often-written “ether” is also spelled “aether” later in the text.  This is an older spelling more likely to have been used by those who speak the Queen’s English.  Why would one author use two different spellings for the same word?   Though the text is convoluted and inundating, it is spiked with enough old news to keep the reader interested.  It even comes with corny drawings claiming to be the work of Lyne showing Tesla’s “brilliant” inventions.  There is a quick and dirty “how-to” for making your very own flying saucer.  One does not have to be an engineer to see through the motive of this effort.  The appendix is a hum-dinger. 

I feel that the flying saucer theme is only one chunk in this camper stew.  There is plenty more to chew on.  But don’t.  Save your money for printed facts, unless you want a headache along with your insulted intelligence.  Clearly this book had to be written with approval and collusion.  There are too many government agencies and war department contractors who would otherwise sue the author’s pants off.


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