The Camel

In news from the Levant I read that Israelis shot up the Gaza Zoo. They went on a rampage, killing animals of all kinds. The lions managed to escape by running into an attached building. Monkeys were shot in their cages. A mother monkey and her baby tried to hide in some pottery. It was pitiful. God armed some of these animals with fang and claw, but that was no match for Israeli rounds on this day.

I got to thinking that these caged, unarmed animals were no different than the innocent victims of Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead.” Why were they casting lead? Why are they attacking innocent people? Why are they attacking caged animals at a zoo? Why were Gaza families bombed while seeking refuge in houses designated by the Israelis as bomb shelters? Why do the Israelis lie? Why have they lied so many times about so many things?

Then they went to a camel who was due to give birth and shot her also. They shot her in the back, the zoo-keeper said. From the look on her face she suffered while she died. Let this camel-killing exemplify the spirit of Israel.

Looking at the slain camel, a verse from the Qur’an sprang to my mind, (7:73). The Angel Gabriel recounts how He and his Band sent Saleh to Thamud with a message, saying, “…this is God’s camel, in her you have a sign, so leave her to eat in God’s land, and do not harm her, else the painful retribution will take you.” (7:77) “They thus killed the camel and defied their Lord’s command…”

This camel at the zoo — she was God’s camel too.

Then they hamstrung the she-camel, defied the commandment of their Lord and challenged Saleh saying: “Bring down the scourge you have threatened us with, if you truly are one of the Messengers.”[77]

QXP Shabbir Ahemd**
They killed the she-camel, rebelled against their Lord’s Command and challenged, “O’ Saleh! Bring the doom you threaten us with, if you are really a Messenger.”

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