The Wizard of Id

What needs to be conveyed to the reading public is how the Wikipedia is the only free online encyclopedia.  It is a quick and convenient research tool for students in particular, but is used for the same reason by others.  As such a tool, the Wikipedia  is the funnel for a vast readership.  This plays into the  hand of the “Wizard of Id” who apparently has a sinister agenda. 

It is thought that this database of knowledge is contributed to by many earnest scholars who have no other agenda than to share what they know for free.  Don’t you believe it. 

The wizard knows that young, impressionable minds will scurry to the Wikipedia for help with their homework assignments, reports and studies.  He knows that these learners will sponge in what they read whether consciously or unconsciously.  It becomes part of their knowledge-base and what they believe.  They reference, quote and propagate what they read like the AIDS virus.  He knows that what he publishes on the Wikipedia is an effective tool for shaping young minds.

Be warned that the Wikipedia withholds important historical facts, broadcasts propaganda, smears and calumniates historical figures, conducts character assassinations of those  both living and dead, and seeks to indoctrinate children and teenagers in the ways of debauchery.

The wizard selects which religions are praised and celebrated and which ones are labeled as cults.  He deems which modes of witchcraft are holy and which are more holy.  The wizard is slanted.  He mixes truth with lies like the produce industry mixes fresh apples with old rotten ones.  When it suits his purpose he employs sophistry to confuse and bemuddle.  Sometimes he yammers on for pages in a pea-soup fog of bewildering rhetoric that flies 200 miles above the mainstream intellectual radar.  This is done in an attempt to evade what is being researched.  This way the organisation that is Wikipedia can claim that the subject was “discussed.”

You have been warned.  Choose your sources wisely.


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