I could read and write around the clock for days, not looking up, and feel that less than five minutes have passed.  They call that “the flow” don’t you know…

I have a load of questions that I want to ask officials about what happened to David Koresh and all those unarmed women and children.  I smell a  story.  Since Mizz Reno is now not so busy being the Attorny General, I figured she would have some time for me. 

See here, I just read a load of testimony from the few survivors of the Waco Holocaust.  Then I read the character assassinations written by the big media newspapers on David Koresh — calling those Christian people a “sect” and a “cult.”  Yet Voodoo is a religion in this country, right?  Santeria is written about with utmost respect in the Wikipedia like it’s the holiest of holy’s.  I know Voodoo.  I know how it is done and how it works.  I’ve seen it practiced in less than five miles from this address, respected religion that it is. 

We all get equal respect, I take it thereby, for our religions.  It’s in our Constitution.  So why all this character assassination of a Christian man in Texas by a non-Christian press?  They don’t pick on Voodoo practictioners for sticking pins in dolls.  They don’t pick on Santeria and Macumbe priests, calling them sects and cults.  So why all the square miles of smear on a man who was attacked and shot in his home by government and local forces?  

According to the testimonies of Waco survivors, Koresh and his congregation were tortured military-style for 50 days with acid-gas bombs, chopper fire, tanks, snipers, granades, water-deprivation and “psy-ops” (all night loud-speakers blaring the sounds of slaughter houses, screams of animals and other distressing sounds with flood lights trained on all the windows).  

Psy-0ps (psychological operations) were designed for use by military and police forces to cause sleep deprivation and push an organsim to the brink of insanity.  These tactics might be used in all-out military warfare when the fighting gets dirty, but these were just separatist Christians.  Why the over-kill?  

First choppers shot up their water tanks.  In the process they hit a 60-year old man through a window who was gut-shot.  This was how Mizz Reno’s campaign started.  With full-on military assault.  Koresh was shot twice when he opened the door to his numerous and apparently hostile visitors.

and here’s Part 2:

and here’s Part 3:

After having read this stuff, how can I sleep tonight?  Oh well, I haven’t slept in years anyway.  It’s not enough that there is cataclysmic news breaking around me, I must now be assailed with samskara from what happened in 1993.


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