The Wikipornia

The Reviews

By  S. H. Pearson

As a student I can’t say that I have not used the Wikipedia on research. I have had a mountain of papers to write in both majors. Without the Wiki I would have spent many hours tracking down the information. Plus the Wiki is a good launching pad for augmenting your research. They have links at the bottom of their pages that will guide you to more sources. I have used and benefited from them all.

Last night I was at it again — more research on the web. Clicking and mousing along, I stumbled onto a word I didn’t know again (story of my life). I ended up right back in the Wikipedia and was shocked to learn what I learned. The Wikipedia omits certain notorious, historical Supreme Court cases, for example, but will include detailed, illustrated “how-to’s” on every manner of perverted sex act known to man. Doubt me? Click here:


So while you’re blocking porn sites from your kids, they can get all the prurient text and images they could want right under your nose using the Wikipedia. Wiki has researched the world to find both ancient and recent drawings/paintings that depict exactly what they are writing about. Wiki often features the work of French artist Édouard-Henri_Avril. You can find prints of his work online. He liked to focus on the ancients. But of course. They are not here to refute anything. Like the one of this Greek fellow sodomizing a goat on a hillside. He had the animal by the horns. Now that’s how to go at it. Doesn’t it inspire you? Send Wiki your donations.

Not only can your kids get exquisite “how-to” illustrations, but Wiki writes about it at length with keen attention to detail — quite an education for your youngsters. By the time they get finished clicking on all the links they should have enough smut under their belt to set up a lucrative bordello, should other modes of occupation escape them.

As I was clicking my way through the daisy-chain of Wiki-sex, I deduced that these illustrated pieces read like a manual. A manual that one might give to a young woman for whom they intend a life of prostitution or “sex work” as they call it now. I notice that the English language is now called the American language in our dictionaries. It is studded with new terms and phrases deemed “politically correct.” I suppose it is politically correct to groom future sex-workers on the Wikipedia.

I can’t help but get the feeling that in the not-so-distant future, we shall have houses of prostitution in all our major cities. They shall be the accepted norm and having sex with strangers will be as casual as walking your dog. An economic wine-press will squeeze many reluctant people into working in such places.


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