The dumbing-down of America

I recently learned that people do not read web sites, they scan them, lingering more on photographs and video. To me this seems like the comparison of a grade-school picture book with a sobering tome of charactery.

Today kids spend much of their life plopped in front of a commercial-infested television that could care less about the nourishment of their minds while the kids munch on synthetic snacks made by greedy industry that could care less about the nourishment of their bodies. They sit in front of hours of mind-numbing visual barrage that encourages little independent thought while they grow soft, dumb and lazy.

MTV is brain cancer. They should cut out programming that encourages young people to casual whoredom, petty vanities and selling their souls to Mammon. Television is full of rubbish and rots the brains of those who watch it. Every few minutes there is an assault of advertising that preys on the insecurities of women, the baldness and impotence of men and the fear of inevitable death. TV is trash and bleeds onto the Internet.

TV merits a fierce over-haul of programming. An iron hand should snatch who is behind all this and sentence them to five years of hard labor in the fields. Work it Mister TV Executive. Break an honest sweat for once and grow some real food for our kids to eat instead of corrupting their minds with your TV sleaze and falsehoods.


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