Take no prisoners

Yestermorning’s news revealed what I had expected — no “terrorist” left alive. Now all that we have are a bunch of tiger-eyed kids in traction with pins in their legs, wailing widows, suffering wounded by the scads, and what the Associated Press dubs “casualties.” To me they are more than casualties. Each one of them is no less than I am and no less than the think-tank who orchestrated this act of violence.

What riles the ire of the warrior princess is not that there were “x” number of shooters who went on a rampage. I can’t be angry with those dead guys who can’t talk. For all I know they had been set up like sacrificial lambs. Maybe they were given ultimatums. Maybe they were told that if they didn’t carry out their orders that their loved ones would be tortured and killed. Maybe they were mercenaries on a slim-chance mission. Maybe they were hoodwinked into their evil deeds and got picked off by the foundation who sent them with the predictable help of Mumbai’s defenders. Live by the bullet — die by the bullet.

Sometimes a war party will employ “black ops” to clean up a massacre scene with more blood after the killers do their bit for the brotherhood. This way there are no captives who can be put to the thumb-screws. Small price to pay in a game where most underlings are expendable. To the state according to your abilities. As for your needs? Stand in a bread-line.

Do not let what happened in Mumbai foment anger and hatred toward the Islamic Levant. Wait until all the facts are in. The hard news facts. So far in this long train of terrorist acts and our wearying campaign against them, I have yet to see substantial facts proving anything to me. What’s the big mystery? Why are there no bustings?

I want the facts, news-hound, not another vague list of assumptions. Give us real names this time, not stolen passports. Now we have bodies. So follow the blood and money back to the source. Back to the institution, corporation, administration, the clique, the gang, the mother-ship. She without a soul who is tax-exempt and rides the wave of other people’s labours. At the heart of that you will find who planned these criminal acts. And it will make Watergate look like the Mickey Mouse paper-drill that it was.

A God-fearing Muslim would not fight this way. It’s not their style. Their Holy book forbids it. In Islam, they run hot or cold. Something is either true or false. They don’t mix truth with lies and serve it as ambrosia. They cannot be bought. They don’t have a luke-warm temperature. They either clear the fence on horseback or knock it down. They never straddle a fence. They don’t care on what side their bread is buttered. They know that man cannot live by bread alone.

Studying everybody’s Holy books may yield some clues, since there are people who have died and are willing to die for their religious doctrines. It pays to know what those doctrines are. Read them all.

It also pays to consider the role of the atheist in all this.  What would Sigmund Freud say? And Freud’s hero, Charles Darwin? Juxtaposing the Qur’an with the Talmud, for example, these texts are in no way similar, yet followed to the letter by their devotees. The Qur’an is at the collective soul-center of Islam just like the Babylonian Talmud is at the soul-center of Judaism. Of all the religions in the world, these two texts are adhered to most meticulously and yet oppose each other vehemently.

Hindu India is not unified under a religious text in the same way but their Holy precepts are identical to that of Buddhism. Siddhartha Buddha was, after all, an Indian prince. Christendom shares their road rules with Islam.  The God of Gabriel is the God of Ezekiel.  Gabriel is the Seraph of the Annunciation, good in a fight, and the author of the Holy Qur’an.  He is not to be taken lightly by man. 

Christendom is becoming more fragmented by the day. Even the Church of Peter the Rock, as I observe, has grown luke-warm and abject. People hide behind lame interpretations of their Bible. This fragmentation lends itself to confusion. Like that song out of Nashville, “If you don’t stand for something — you’ll fall for anything.” Think about it. A house divided cannot stand. A man cannot serve two masters. In the words of a slain American president, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”


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