End of the American Dream

The Reviews

By  S. H. Pearson


On Thursday I attended a speech entitled “A Dialogue for Democracy.” This was given by political pollster John Zogby who is the author of The Way We’ll Be. He spoke in support of his recent book and the present tension about our future.

There was a calm, organized fashion to his discourse — as though he knew exactly where things were going and was in on it. He spoke not so much like a private citizen, but as part of a regime that was heading our way and would soon man the helm not only of our nation but of the entire world. There was a cool, calculated equilibrium about this man. I observed not a single waver in his focus.

Zogby assigned a label to our present youth (ages 19-29). He called them “globals” and casually spoke about how more of them have passports than ever before and were in touch with the world beyond our limiting borders. He spoke in non-threatening, politically-correct terms, yet the picture he painted was crystal clear to me. “To the state according to your abilities — from the state according to your needs.”

The citizens of China, North Korea and Cuba can tell you about how much they like it. Go ask them. Chernobyl was the tip of the iceberg on how well that system worked in the USSR. Let’s call it quality-control and being honest with your people. Where vices are fostered you can expect corruption. Greed and hubris make a dangerous brace. India has test-driven socialism. Ask an Indian what he thinks of it.

Zogby’s book is being touted to leaders in all fields, career seekers, politicians, CEO’s and marketers as the bandwagon to get on if you want to cash in on what’s coming. He may be a maverick predictor of things to come but I’m a maverick writer. He and his kind can expect me to cover more of their fireside chats in the future.


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